Allow Uploading Cover Art With The Song File Itself

Unless I'm doing something bonehead-wrong (which is not only possible but probable,) it would be a big help if we didn't have to first upload the song, then after waiting for the green "Saving track" bar to scoot across at the upper right, having to click "Edit" and do the cover art upload as a separate, manual operation.

This is particularly annoying if you upload multiple tracks: Once the "Save" process is done, you have to scroll down and change the "per page" max to something greater than your total, just to get all of the just-uploaded tracks to show up at the top of the track list, and *then* you can do the cover uploads.

Having an uploaded cover automatically add itself to all other songs from the same album (if you've uploaded more than one,) would be a time-saver too. That was a feature of the pre-2016 Live365 - not only that, but covers were retained and added automatically even if you'd removed everything from that album for a time.

Under consideration Media Management Suggested by: SakeBito at Amanogawa Express Upvoted: 15 Oct, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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