Display Album field in players

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When we upload audio to the library we are required to include the album name. However, although this is no doubt used for royalty tracking, it is not visible to listeners.

It would be great if the Album metadata field could be displayed in players. The display of the Album name would give the listener additional useful information as well as aiding the ability to link to an album to purchase and the recovery of album art for display.

In addition, virtually all third-party playout/encoder systems allow the sending of Album metadata as well as Artist and Title. The standard string to send is "Artist - Album - Title" (" - " means space-dash-space). In a player, this displays the Album and Title logically in the Title field with a dash between them, and the Artist remains unchanged in the Artist field.

In addition the inclusion of the Album name in live programming originated from third-party playout/encoder systems would no doubt provide useful additional data for royalty tracking.

Under consideration Widgets and Players Suggested by: Richard E Upvoted: 15 Aug, '22 Comments: 3

Comments: 3