Social Media Sharing

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It would be super nice if the content providers on Live 365 were able to allow their users to share their listening experience with friends on social media. Currently the Live 365 share feature allows listeners to share the station which is good, but most people want to let their friends know the song that they want others to hear. A simple tweak such as allowing users to share the image of the song with station branding would be ideal. It would great enhance the user experience and help each content provider build a wider audience. The attached screen shot is good first step if that is what people saw when using share on Live 365.

The Listen Now API works good on websites but not so good on social media pages such as Facebook, because the content doesn't display on the Facebook page, users have to click the Live 365 banner then they are taken to a page that shows the station and song that is playing. This should appear within the Facebook page.

Under consideration Directory/Listeners Suggested by: Rocky Bucano Upvoted: 07 Oct, '22 Comments: 7

Comments: 7