Chart Reporting

Many stations have "Top x Songs" charts that they use in their promotion (social media, etc.). This can also be used to be part of groups such as Radio Indie Alliance.

Idea 1A:

It would be helpful to be able to run these reports and choose the date span and number of songs. Sometimes I'd like to see stats for one particulate date and other times I'd like to see the report for a span of dates together. Added bonus if you could also include other queries in the lookup such as displaying top songs from a specific category.

For example:
* Top 20 songs played on x date [link to CSV file]
* Top 75 songs played between x date and x date [link to CSV file]
* Top 20 songs played in "New Music Alert" between x date and x date [link to CSV file]

Idea 1B:

If the above cannot be done sooner than later, then an automatically generated list in the dashboard that includes the "Top 100 Songs" for past x weeks that can be downloaded as CSV files for each "week of" would be a good start.

Under consideration Reporting and Analytics Suggested by: Sooz@OhHelloBoston Upvoted: 26 Jul Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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