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The old Live365 used to do a Holiday E-Card Campaign where listeners could send an e-card to their friends, relatives, etc. through Live365. The e-card would be musical, playing a Live365 station. Live365 would solicit their DJs with existing holiday stations to use for the e-cards, and they would also loan a free account to use during the holiday season for a DJ to build a holiday station for the e-card campaign. I don't remember what kind of pitch the DJ would have to give to be awarded a "free" station for the month during the holidays. The old Live365 also had a Valentine's Day campaign where they would solicit suggestions from DJs for unique Valentine's Day stations, and the "winners" would be given a "free" station for the first three weeks of February to be used as a love song station for Live365's Valentine's Day Campaign. I used to be in the holiday card and Valentine's Day campaigns, and I really miss them.

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