Parameter driven airplay stat reports/downloads to use for promotions and promotional items

I generate airplay stats from clockwheel playlists (I always include "artist royalties are based on the number of people listening when a song is played and not how often a song is played"). This would be much easier and much more flexible if there was a parameter driven (by date range, by name of show, by name of artist, by song title, etc.) way to get the info without having to manually copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet. I currently use these airplay charts in Facebook posts but want to include them annually in a book detailing the prior year's station activity. While it was a lot of work, I was able to recoup some of my station costs with my book ROCK ON NEON RADIO’s TOP 1,000 SONGS of ALL TIME. I have 3 song Hall of Fames and Shoutout Song of the Week so the book would include a short write-up of these songs and the charts. This works because I have indies and established artists.

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