Don't "catch up" ID files after scheduled event plays

As the system currently stands, IDs get queued up when a playlist or clockwheel is played. For instance, I have the "play Station ID" setting at 4 per hour (so, approximately every 15 minutes). If I play a playlist that lasts 45 minutes long (as one just did), when the playlist is over, three ID's are played back-to-back in order to "catch up" because none where played in the playlist.

I think this logic is wrong - I can't see there being any reason why a broadcaster would want more than one ID played at a times, certainly not three! Therefore I prose that either this is "fixed" to just play one ID , or - for flexibility - have an option to quash it.

Planned Tools for Broadcasters Suggested by: Alistair Bowness / BozRadio Upvoted: 25 Feb Comments: 0

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