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When meta tagging ten songs by one artist, i.e., Paul McCartney... I want my artist names to appear accurate for listeners, just as they were on the label when released. So, if I upload 10 songs, and 3 are labeled Paul McCartney, 5 are labeled Wings, and 2 are labeled Paul McCartney & Wings, on occasion, it can play 3 songs in a row by Paul McCartney, when I have the system set to limit to 4 hour separation.
Instead of incorrectly relabeling all these tracks, there could be a hidden code/ISRC added when uploading a song. Each artist could have a unique number where all songs by that artist are labeled by that one code. In this example, all Paul McCartney, Wings, and Paul McCartney & Wings songs get the same code number "1", so the system searches for the artist, then the code number to avoid playing the same artist more than once every four hours. The listener will not see this code, but the Live365 system WILL during DMCA. The tracks with the same code would be separated.

Under consideration Tools for Broadcasters Suggested by: Tim Boudreau Upvoted: 08 Dec, '20 Comments: 0

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